Below, we show a list of the PIA project’s deliverables.
The public ones are linked to downloadable documents.

D1.1 Personas, scenarios and cardboard mock-ups
D1.2 Document of all requirements including the system design description
D1.3 Social network description and choice of technology platform(s)
D1.4 Methodology for IADL, carer stress and IADL-related QoL analysis
D2.1 Prototypic system of the PIA concept
D2.2 Three sets of example IADL video clips
D2.3 IADL-film templates and user documentation
D2.4 Social PIA network for carers
D2.5 Web-based tool for IADL, carer stress and IADL-related QoL analysis
D2.6 Carers’ website for multimedia content management and personalisation
D2.7 Integrated PIA home and technology Presentations
D2.8 Integrated PIA home and technology documentation
D3.1 Code of Conduct (CoC) for field work
D3.2 User test and field trial guidelines
D3.3 Document about the initial test and trial results WP3 Document Restricted
D3.4 IADL analysis, carer stress analysis and IADL-re-lated QoL analysis
D4.1 PIA-website for public access
D4.2 Exploitation plan
D4.3 First draft of a business plan including preliminary business models
D4.4 Promotional and pre-market activities report
D4.5 Complete business plan including final business models
D4.6 Dissemination activity report
D5.1 Risk management plan and quality assurance routines
D5.2 IPR report
D5.3 Final project report

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