News and events

PIA News9.-11.9.2014: AAL Forum 2014 in Bucharest.

9.9.2014: Project meeting in Bucharest.

21.8.2014: New PIA brochure available for download.

6.8.2014: The AAL Forum 2014 to be held in Bucharest.

8.7.2014: PIA presented at ICPT conference in Rome. 

20-21.03.2014: Mid-term Review and consortium meeting.

27.2.2014: PIA supports international conference: UCAmI & IWAAL 2014 (2-5.12.2014, Belfast).

21-23.01.2014: BIS research team presents PIA at the 7th AAL Congress in Berlin.

4.12.2013: University of Ulster research team with presentation at UCAmI 2013 in Costa Rica.

7.11.2013: Press release published by University of Castilla-La Mancha (in Spanish).

6.-7.11.2013: A consortium meeting was held in Ciudad Real, hosted by Castilla-La Mancha University, Modelling Ambient Intelligence Research Lab (MAmI). All partners from the four participating countries were represented.

24.7.2013: Accord Group publishes press release.

4.7.2013: Accord Group publishes PIA web page.

23.-24.4.2013: The kick-off meeting of the PIA project was held in Berlin, hosted by Berlin Institute for Social Research (BIS). All partners from the four participating countries were represented.

16.4.2013: StickyWorld publishes a blog entry about PIA.

1.4.2013: BIS publishes PIA web page.

10.3.2013: Tellu publishes PIA web page.

3.3.2013: Karde publishes PIA web page.

1.3.2013: MAmI publishes PIA web-page.

10.12.2012: IT Funk in the Research Council of Norway publishes PIA information.